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Halo.Car Launches Driverless On-Demand EVs Delivery in Las Vegas

First commercial launch of on-demand driverless electric vehicles delivery in Las Vegas on public roads.

Halo.Car vehicles (Courtesy of Halo.Car)

Halo.Car announced its first commercial launch of on-demand driverless electric vehicles for hourly and daily use in Las Vegas on public roads. This launch came after four years of testing where safety drivers were present inside Halo.Car's vehicles during remote piloting.

When customers book one of Halo.Car's electric vehicles, the company remotely delivers the vehicle for the customer to drive. When they are finished, customers end the booking and Halo.Car remotely collects the vehicle. The company has been remote-delivering vehicles with safety drivers to customers since 2022.

A key technology enabling the driverless rollout is Halo.Car’s patent-pending Anomaly Detection System, which brings the driverless piloted car to a stop if it detects any connectivity issues during remote operations.


Courtesy of Halo.Car

“Our transition to driverless deliveries marks a significant milestone for us as a company. It proves that our remote-piloting technology is not just innovative, but commercially viable and ready to be scaled up,” says Anand Nandakumar, CEO and Founder of Halo.Car. “As we prepare to expand and launch new markets, our mission remains unchanged: to provide affordable, accessible, efficient EV transportation. Today's achievement is a major step forward in democratizing mobility and heralds a new era of transportation that Halo.Car will lead."

Halo.Car received its funding in 2022 from climatetech investor At One Ventures, with T-Mobile Ventures, Earthshot Ventures, and existing investor Boost VC also participating.

Halo.Car will offer driverless deliveries in Downtown Las Vegas initially with availability in more areas of the city in coming months. The company plans to grow its fleet in Las Vegas to hundreds of vehicles before expanding to more cities in 2024.