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SSBCI Venture Capital Program Activity Reaches $2 Million in Total Year-To-Date Investments

CareWear and Vistro receive $300,000 in capital investment

Battle Born Venture logo (Courtesy of Battle Born Venture)

Carson City, NV - Battle Born Venture, Nevada’s state-sponsored venture capital program operating under the federal State Small Business Credit Initiative (SSBCI), announced a combined $300,000 in capital investment in two startups: CareWear and Vistro. 

Any Nevada startups and early-state high growth companies that are currently raising an investment round can apply to the Battle Born Venture program using its online portal and visit the are we a fit page.

CareWear Corp. is a medical device firm headquartered in Reno that provides patient home use therapeutic wearables using a PhotoBioModulation (PBM) delivery system for treatment of pain, arthritis, soft tissue injury and muscle recovery. Carewear provides Remote Therapeutic Monitoring of its medical devices through its App and Cloud infrastructure to document patient treatment compliance and reporting of pain and functional status.

Vistro is a collection of virtual food delivery brands and ghost kitchens focused on creating technology to streamline how food is ordered, cooked, and delivered. 

Vistro's co-founders Tristen Houston and Derek Sornson met at the University of Nevada, Reno during their freshmen year and together began starting up businesses their sophomore year. After founding an event and a ride-share company, they were faced with market conditions brought on by COVID.

“Market conditions completely eliminated the core base of our business model, but defeat was not an answer”, said Tristen Houston, co-founder of Vistro. “We went back to the drawing board to analyze the current markets/social trends.  Out of that grew Vistro, our newest endeavor, which has the potential for astronomical growth.”

To date, Vistro has grown more than 500 percent in less than two years while raising more than $550,000 in venture capital.