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41% of US Broadband Households Have a Streaming Media Player

Parks Associates' consumer data of 10,000 broadband households tracks current trends consumer attitudes regarding on connected entertainment and technology.

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Parks Associates today announced new industry and consumer research at CES on consumer attitudes, usage, and adoption of connected devices and services from its quarterly surveys of 10,000 US broadband households. The research quantifies the impact of the pandemic, reveals key insights on the type and brand of devices in use, and identifies preferred devices for different use cases in the home. Read report online.

Parks Associates: Total Average Number of Connected Devices Per US BB HH

The firm's latest survey reveals US broadband households have an average of 14.5 connected devices, with future purchase intentions still high as consumers continue to embrace entertainment technology:

  • 41% of US broadband households have a streaming media player
  • 38% US broadband households have a gaming console
  • 36% of US broadband households subscribe to or are trialing a video gaming service
  • 31% of US broadband households or 30+ million households use free ad-based OTT services
  • 50% of Cord-Cutters cite the high cost of traditional pay-TV services as the reason to cancel the service

"Streaming video consumption and the devices that enable it are fixtures of modern life," said Paul Erickson, Director of Research, Parks Associates. "Consumers are increasingly willing to spend for better entertainment experiences at home, and they now see greater tangible value in the content, services, and devices that maximize the quality of their home audio and visual experiences."

Source: Park Associates

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