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Women's History Month Spotlight: Denette Suddeth, Regional President of PNC Bank in Nevada

Denette Suddeth joined PNC in November 2021, bringing 25 years of banking experience to the regional president position, as well as deep ties across Nevada.

Courtesy of Denette Suddeth

Denette Suddeth is Regional President and Head of Commercial Banking for PNC Bank in Nevada. She joined PNC in November 2021, bringing 25 years of banking experience to the regional president position, as well as deep ties across Nevada.

During her banking career, she has led diverse teams focused on public and privately held middle market companies, as well as gaming and the gaming equipment manufacturer industries. She has been an active member of Women’s Leadership Councils and Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion committees. Suddeth earned a BS degree in Managerial Finance at University of Nevada - Las Vegas (UNLV).

1) Can you share with us a bit about your journey to becoming a bank executive? Were there any particular challenges or barriers you faced as a woman in the banking industry?

When I started in banking, there were very few female executives. I do not feel I faced any specific barriers. I had supportive mentors and colleagues who contributed to my success. My success is the result of both men and women who were instrumental for my learning and development. It is critical that we acknowledge the necessity of having men as allies for the leadership ranks of women to continue to expand.

2) Research suggests that women often face unique obstacles in accessing capital and financial services. What initiatives or strategies do you believe banks can implement to better serve female entrepreneurs and customers?

At PNC we have a Women’s Business Advocate Certification that all employees are encouraged to achieve. This is a wonderful way to learn about these differences and challenges women face so that we can help them achieve their goals. We support many programs, organizations, and have our own Women in Business Week to increase awareness. At PNC we strive to help ALL move forward financially.

3) Women's History Month celebrates the achievements and contributions of women throughout history. Can you highlight a female figure in banking or finance who has inspired you, and how their legacy influences your work today?

I went to work for Cathy Jones while I was attending UNLV. At the time she was the CFO of Nevada Title Company and is a CPA. I continue to learn and be inspired by her to this day, forty years later. That is a legacy. I could write a book on all the things I have learned from her. She is a consummate professional, has the strongest work ethic, and the smartest person I know. She is also an amazing friend.

4) Looking ahead, what do you envision as the future of women in banking and finance, and what role do you believe executives like yourself play in shaping that future?

Women continue to make strides and the future is limitless. As executives we must be intentional in our efforts of inspiring and developing females when they are still in their educational and formative years. The role executives play is getting in early with campuses and helping the diverse students be ready for the workforce. That is where we can help leverage a better future.