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Wells Fargo Foundation Donates $100,000 for Maui Wildfire Relief

$100,000 Donation to Homestead Community Development Corporation (HCDC)

Wells Fargo logo (Courtesy of Wells Fargo)

The Wells Fargo Foundation announced a $100,000 donation to Homestead Community Development Corporation (HCDC), a nonprofit that develops affordable housing and economic opportunities on or near the trust lands of the native Hawaiian people, known as homesteads or Hawaiian Home Lands. This donation will be used to provide direct support to trust land families displaced from homes and jobs as a result of the Maui wildfires.

“Wells Fargo stands with the community as it faces the tragic wildfires on the Hawaiian Island of Maui,” said Otis Rolley, head of philanthropy and community impact. “Our donation is part of our broader commitment to support Native and indigenous people, and we know the Homestead Community Development Corporation is making a concerted effort to reach Native Hawaiians as they look to rebuild their homes and lives after this devastation.”

“Our homeland has been devastated by these fires, and the full extent of the damage is still unknown. Hawaiian Home Land leaders are grateful for the support of Wells Fargo,” said KipuKai Kualii, Homestead Community Development Corporation CEO. These funds will directly help families in the Maui region, where our local homestead associations are on the ground and seeing the impact first-hand. These funds will help families begin to move forward.”