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Urban Farm Opens in Historic Westside

The first harvest is expected to be ready in late April.

From left: Ward 5 Planning Commissioner Anthony Williams; MGM Director of Diversity Relations Maria Gatti; Mayor Carolyn G. Goodman; MGM Chief People, Inclusion and Sustainability Officer Jyoti Chopra; Councilman Cedric Crear; City of Las Vegas Chief Community Services Officer Dr. Lisa Morris-Hibbler; and MGM Vice-President of Diversity Equity and Inclusion Tony Gladney. (Courtesy of City of Las Vegas)

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A new urban farm opened at Las Vegas’ Historic Westside this week. The project was funded by a $500,000 donation from MGM Resorts International to The Mayor’s Fund for Las Vegas LIFE.

The first crop was planted on March 7 and the first harvest is expected to be ready in late April. The city plans to distribute fresh produce from the urban farm to the Historic Westside community and eventually work with local partners to build a cooperative grocery store in James Gay Park.

“Public-private partnership and innovation is critical to addressing the needs of our city and neighborhoods,” said Mayor Goodman. “We are grateful to our partners who have joined with us to not only revitalize a currently unused public space, but to transform it into a farming facility that provides healthy food to neighborhood residents.”

This project is part of the HUNDRED Plan that was created in 2016. The master plan outlined the revitalization of the Historic Westside.