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United Way of Southern Nevada Celebrates 65th Anniversary

UWSN brings together 80 nonprofits in the southern Nevada region to provide hope and resources to all southern Nevadans.

Julian High, CEO of United Way of Southern Nevada) and community partners (Photo from United Way of Southern Nevada)

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United Way of Southern Nevada (UWSN) is celebrating its 65th anniversary. The nonprofit organization provides funding for various education, workforce development, and community support programs with a focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion. In the 2022 fiscal year, UWSN and its nonprofit network have provided:

  • 9,114 students with access to a quality education from pre-k to graduation day
  • 3,415 people received job training to add to their professional skills
  • 1,867 people received assistance to keep the lights on through the Project REACH program, powered by the NV Energy Foundation
  • 17,735 people received assistance for temporary housing or to pay their rent or mortgage
  • 217,683 people received food assistance such as prepared meals and groceries
  • 3,231 people received assistance to access counseling and healthcare services
  • 8,312 people received assistance to access crisis support services

“United Way of Southern Nevada is proud to celebrate 65 years of giving hope across the Las Vegas valley,” said Julian High, president and CEO of UWSN. “These results embody our ongoing commitment to provide hope to southern Nevadans through our network of incredible community partners. We invite the community to join us to continue to spread hope to our community for the next 65 years by giving, advocating, and volunteering.”