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The Power of Community Impact: How Business Leaders Can Uplift the Next Generation

Leadership Henderson Class of 2022 partnered with Inspiring Children Foundation

Dustin Klein (middle) with students from Inspiring Children Foundation (Courtesy of BRAINTRUST Agency)

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This article is written by Dustin Klein, Director of Media & Digital, BRAINTRUST Agency.

Business leaders in Southern Nevada came together to create a lasting impact for students across Las Vegas through a partnership with Leadership Henderson and Inspiring Children Foundation. Each year, Leadership Henderson, a leadership development group within the Henderson Chamber of Commerce, selects a nonprofit partnership as part of their eight-month course devoted to educating, empowering and maintaining a strong network of effective community leaders.

The Leadership Henderson Class of 2022 partnered with Inspiring Children Foundation to assist in the third remodeled home, supporting and uplifting local students with a safe environment. Inspiring Children Foundation has assisted 45 to 50 students through this housing program each year, helping students in growth and healing, as well as providing other assistance in the form of transportation, health care, and counseling.

“These homes help deserving youth overcome life’s challenges and provide the space for our youth to heal, grow and thrive at the highest levels in life. There have been so many lives changed and so many more to come for generations to come as a result of Leadership Henderson’s  incredible support,” said Trent Alenik, Executive Director of Inspiring Children Foundation.

Representatives from R&O, Martin-Harris, and ICF (Courtesy of BRAINTRUST Agency)

The Big Unveil

On March 1, 2023, members of Leadership Henderson and Inspiring Children Foundation unveiled a beautifully renovated home, packed full of smiling supporters, along with students who have benefitted from this process.

“It was truly special to see the completion of the renovations for ICF’s homes. When we started fundraising for this project, we knew we wanted to create a huge result for the students and our team rose up to deliver in a big way. Seeing the kids and hearing their excitement to be in their newly renovated homes is something I’ll never forget. I’m super proud of my Henderson Leadership Class of 2022,” said Coby Sherlock, Branch Leader at The Sherlock Team at Movement Mortgage.

Impacting the Next Generation

Students impacted by this program expressed their gratitude to Leadership Henderson and the sponsors including R&O Construction and Martin-Harris Construction for their help in building and renovating these homes and creating an environment where they can reach their full potential.

“I am an alumni of the Inspiring Children Foundation. I have been living in the homes full time for a little over two years now, and the impact they've had on my life has been incredible,” said Matthew Sypert, a student who has been involved with the program, “I am so grateful to Henderson Leadership and IKEA for beautifying the homes for myself and others. Their actions will help provide safe havens for future generations of youth to continue growing and healing through life.”

“I have been living in the transitional homes for the past 2 years now, and I just want to thank Leadership Henderson for the house remodeling. Personally, I was used to living in really bad housing coming from a low-income, Hispanic family. Sometimes it still feels weird to live in a very nice remodeled house, but it gives me peace of mind knowing I’m in a safe and clean living space surrounded by good people ... I will continue my journey to heal myself and to help my family through my own personal growth. Thank you to everyone in the project, I love you all,” said student Ozzy Nares.

Sponsors for this project included furniture provided by IKEA, Helix Electric, and FOCUS Plumbing, who donated more than $30,000. Business leaders contributed more than $350,000 in total donations to complete the project. For more information about Leadership Henderson, visit HERE.