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Retail Chains Make Up 54.30% of All The Businesses In Nevada

Henderson has America’s sixth-highest proportion (64.29%) of chain stores.

Photo by charlesdeluvio / Unsplash

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According to a new report from Merchant Machine, Nevada ranks #6 with the highest percentage of chain stores among all U.S. states. About 54.30% of all the businesses in Nevada are chain brands. The report also found that Henderson has America’s sixth-highest proportion of chain stores, with 64.29% of stores owned by chain brands.

Credit: Merchant Machine

For independent retail businesses with less than three establishments, Detroit (81.5%)  and Michigan (73.5) rank the highest city and state, respectively, with the highest proportion of independent stores in America. Detroit has struggled for years to attract major chain stores. High inflation and interest rate also put financial strain on independent retailers in Detroit and other cities.

Miami has the second-highest proportion of independent stores with 80.1% of its stores are small businesses. According to the report, “Florida saw a record 637,000 new business applications in 2022, accounting for 12% of all new companies in the U.S., while establishments in Miami-Dade county jumped 27% in 2021.”

The report analyzed Google Maps data for 175 U.S. cities and pulled a sample of 20,000 retail stores across various categories including clothing, shoes, hardware and department store.