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New Pickleball Complex Coming to City of Las Vegas

The new 30-court Regional Pickleball Complex is located at Wayne Bunker Park.

A pickleball court (Courtesy of City of Las Vegas)

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Yesterday, the Las Vegas City Council approved Southern Nevada Public Lands Management Act Cooperative Agreements regarding the acceptance of two grants to develop the Regional Pickleball Complex at Wayne Bunker Park and the Regional Aquatic Complex at Pavilion Pool.

The 30-court Regional Pickleball Complex is estimated to cost $12,009,000. And the Regional Aquatic Complex is estimated to cost $8,839,317.

Below is an aerial map of the new pickleball complex submitted at the public City Council meeting by Mark Dixon.

The city was awarded funds from the United States Department of the Interior. The project period for the funds will expire on Jan. 29, 2028.