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Nevada Approves $48 Million to Support Seniors and Individuals with Disabilities

Photo by Georg Arthur Pflueger / Unsplash

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On October 20th, the Nevada Legislative Interim finance Committee approved more than $48 million in American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding for initiatives aimed to increase access to services and resources, and provide support for caregivers to help keep individuals in their homes and communities.

Funding was approved to develop and and implement a “no wrong door” system to reduce barriers for constituents seeking services or information from the Department of Health and Human Services.

In addition, funding was allocated to reduce the waitlist for homemaker and chore assistance services, increase the number of people served by home-delivered meal programs and develop an incubator program to build capacity for residential care in Nevada communities.

“Many Nevadans just need a little help to stay in their home and out of a care facility, and the support for these programs will allow us to increase the number of people served in their homes,” said Administrator Schmidt. “Through the homemaker program and meal delivery for older adults, families can have the peace of mind that their loved one has someone checking in regularly, bringing nutritious meals, helping with laundry or other tasks.”

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