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Las Vegas Ranks #2 Destination for ex-San Francisco Residents in 2022

Las Vegas also ranks the #1 city for women of The Roaring 2020s.

Photo by Sung Shin / Unsplash

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According to moveBuddha’s By Area Migration report, Las Vegas was the #2 destination for those departing the Bay Area in 2022. The other top destinations were: Austin, TX (#1),  Reno, NV (#3), Miami, FL (#4), and Orlando, FL (#5).

In April 2023, Crowdfund Capital Advisors report ranked Las Vegas the best city in the country for pre-IPO startups, followed by Austin, TX, Wilmington, DE, Seattle, WA, and Atlanta, GA.

The relatively cheaper cost of living in Nevada, Texas, and Florida compared to California causes this migration pattern that we are seeing.

According to KERA News, since 2020, more than 100 companies shave relocated to Texas and 40% of those companies were from California. Another moveBuddha’s report shows “Nearly 1 in 4 moves into Texas is from California in 2022, representing 23% of the total moves into Texas from out of state.”

Another MoveBuddha’s report shows that Las Vegas is the #1 city for women of The Roaring 2020s with a score of 10 out 10 for female political representation. All three mayors in the greater Las Vegas valley (Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, and Henderson) are female. Las Vegas also scored the highest in diverse Culture category.