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Jobs for Nevada’s Graduates Announces The Addition of Three New Board Members

The education-based nonprofit organization serves over 3,300 students in 60 schools across the state.

From left to right: Dr. Seng-Dao Yang Keo, Marina McHatton and Alex Farley (Photos from Jobs for Nevada's Graduates)

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LAS VEGAS Jobs for Nevada’s Graduates (J4NG), a Nevada statewide education-based nonprofit recently announced three new board members: Dr. Seng-Dao Yang Keo, Marina McHatton and Alex Farley.

J4NG is governed by a statewide Board of Directors with the majority selected from private business and industry. The new board members will each bring unique perspective and passion to the organization, while serving J4NG’s mission to ensure all students graduate from high school college and career ready. The organization serves over 3,300 students in 60 schools across the state.

“J4NG is excited to announce the addition of three new board members, Dr. Seng-Dao Yang Keo, Marina McHatton and Alex Farley who will all be joining us from diverse backgrounds,” said J4NG Executive Director Dr. Rene Cantu. “The new board members all have something fresh to bring to the table, and their leadership and knowledge of the education industry will truly benefit J4NG and help expand workforce opportunities.”

  • Dr. Seng-Dao Yang Keo, currently the Deputy Superintendent of Washoe County School District (WCSD), has nearly two decades of service in education and has participated at all levels in underserved communities within the United States and Southeast Asia. Before working with WCSD, she held multiple positions within the Nevada department of education. Dr. Keo grew up the daughter of a mining and casino electrician and blackjack dealer and went through the public education system in Nevada. Her experiences as a first generation student have fueled her passion and commitment to educational excellence and equity, ensuring all students have access to high quality education.
  • Marina McHatton is joining the J4NG board as an 8-year Education Programs Professional for the Nevada Department of Education in career and technical education (CTE). McHatton manages the State’s CTE assessment program at the secondary education level and serves as the Title IX coordinator ensuring that CTE programs are accessible and inclusive to all. With her strong background in education, McHatton reflects the values and initiatives that J4NG supports as an organization.
  • Alex Farley currently serves as the Director of Talent Capability for Global Gaming at Aristocrat, a global gaming content and technology company. She has experience with all levels of business from leadership development and professional coaching, to team member engagement and people analytics. With a diverse career background, Alex Farley brings a fresh perspective on human resources and hones her passion for workforce development opportunities for today’s youth.

Part of the national organization, Jobs for America’s Graduate (JAG), J4NG was created by the state of Nevada to help Nevada’s most historically underserved students to graduate and find a career pathway. J4NG provides intensive academic and social emotional support to high school students ensuring they graduate successfully and connect with career and college opportunities that fit their skills, needs and interests. J4NG continues providing a safety and support net for up to two years after graduation from professionally trained J4NG specialists to ensure students succeed in school and careers.

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